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Yay im your your first commenter!! I'll have to add you to my sidebar :o)

Marrina Banday

How the heck do i even use this thing??

Ariana Gurrola

Sometime my girl, live doesnt make sense and often seems unfair. Its easy to say "why me?" and then we wind up, bitter, angry and often victimized. My story is similar in that at 5 years old, I was diagnosed with a Kidney disease, then at 12 Scoliosis. Life was difficult to say the least...HOWEVER...because this was my life, it was not going to be my destiny, but rather my condition. Did I feel sorry for myself? heck ya I did, and I still do, but Marina, the one thing that makes your journey different than mine, you have a HUGE support system, and a man who loves you. I wasn't so fortunate. Take what god gave you Marina and turn it into a rare diamond...unique, bright and something everyone wants! Turn yourself into that beautiful diamond...flawless! I know you can and I believe you will. I love you...Mom

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